Gourmet Sea Salt CAPEA – Flor de Sal – Hand harvested sea salt


Fleur de Sel or Flor de Sal is called the salt flower. The fine layer of salt that forms on the surface of small salt basins under favourable conditions. The idea to obtain a premium salt comes from France. In the Camargue, the first Fleur de Sel was produced and marketed in exclusive packaging. Flor de Sal is harvested elaborately with a hand rake and dries under the sun of the sea. It is a natural product and does not undergo any further drying process. Capea Flor de Sal has a high residual moisture content. A "refinement" takes place exclusively by hand and on light tables. Here foreign objects are sighted and removed.

Our Flor de Sal comes from the Atlantic, the Portuguese and Spanish Atlantic coasts and from the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Harvested on Ibiza and Mallorca, Castro Marim or at Cadiz and Huelva, as well as in the Camargue.

It is a high quality sea salt, rich in minerals. It contains a lot of magnesium, potassium and calcium as well as 80 other minerals and trace elements. Thus it strengthens the taste of food.

Container information : 20kg bags. 5 kg bucket. Consumer containers e.g. glasses with corks (250g, 125g).

Smoked Flor de Sal, Flor de Sal Olivas, mixed with olive granules, wine salt (Flor de Sal mixed with wine), Flor de Sal mixed with edible flowers.

All containers are offered as private label or under our brand "Capea".


    • Flor de Sal
    • Smoked Flor de Sal
    • Flor de Sal with Wine


  • 25 kg      PET bag

    1 kg         PET bag

    1/2 kg    Bag

Gourmet Sea Salt CAPEA – Flor de Sal – Hand harvested sea salt