Sal de Ibiza CAPEA Sea Salt


Ibiza sea salt comes from the Balearic island of Ibiza. South of the Mediterranean island lies the nature reserve "Ses Salines d´Eivissa" where it is extracted. The sea salt production on Ibiza has a long tradition that goes back to the times of the Phoenicians. The majority of Ibiza's sea salt is exported as crude salt (moist and refined) for fish processors.

Ibiza Flor De Sal / Hand harvested sea salt
Ibiza sea salt is characterized by its mild taste. The hand-harvested Flor de Sal is popular with gourmets. The production of hand harvested sea salt on the island is limited.

Ibiza sea salt / product description
Our Ibiza sea salt is a machine harvested sea salt. However, like all our natural Capea sea salts, it does not contain any separating agents or brighteners. It is naturally rich in minerals, has a low residual moisture and is very good at trickling. Modern optical methods are used to detect and remove foreign bodies. This takes place on the Iberian mainland, as there are no such technological facilities on Ibiza.
Ibiza sea salt captivates with its taste and texture. And, of course, the name "Ibiza", which gives rise to many associations. It is certainly one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean and is not for nothing a magnet for chilled holiday makers, artists and international lifestyle.

For the wellness area we offer this salt with a higher residual moisture. Please see under "Care & Spa".


Packaging information / Private Label

  • Ibiza Sea Salt 250g /125 g
  • Ibiza Sea Salt 500g / 1kg Paket
  • Capea Ibiza Sea Salt. Grob. 25kg
  • Ibiza Sea Salt  500g Box


Packaging information:

  • Capea Ibiza Sea Salt fine 25kg
  • Capea Ibiza Sea Salt Coarse (for Mill suited) 25kg.


Sal de Ibiza CAPEA Sea Salt