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Our untreated sea salt has been free of release agents and brighteners since 1992, making it a pioneering product in the industry. Organic farms in particular, have been relying on products from our Capea Nature line for over 20 years.

Capea sea salt / sodium chloride content

The sodium chloride content is between 97.6% and 98.8%, the rest to 100% is the salt mother, the residual moisture, minerals & trace elements. In our opinion, these few percentages make the decisive difference. It is not a question of maximising the sodium chloride content to 100% in sea salt extraction.



Sea Salt bag

Single Feed • CAPEA Atlantic Sea Salt Mineral Complex is added to the feed • 100% natural • Without additives.


Food as well as animal feed additives should be ideally organic. The quality,  the texture, sensory and organoleptic properties also the nutritional values of animal products depend not just on the diet.  The minerals and trace elements are present in their natural complex compound and in their natural percentage ratio to each other. This achieves ideal bioavailability.

Capea sea salt / quality of sea water and ecological footprint

The extraction takes place in the traditional way, by evaporation, with the help of the sun and the wind.  Sea salt leaves, therefore a minimal ecological footprint. The salt flats themselves create a biosphere reserve for rare migratory birds, regional flora and fauna and diverse amphibians. The quality of the sea water is decisive for the quality of the sea salt.  The salt works for Capea sea salt are therefore located on the Atlantic coast.

In places with high water quality.  The quality of the water and sea salt is regularly checked internally and externally by certified laboratories. Capea Atlantic Sea Salt brings natural taste and nutrition into your food in a natural way.


Capea Atlantic sea salt without anti caking agent is added to the feed as a single feed. For horses, livestock and small cattle. The delivery takes place in 25 kg bags, on Euro pallets.