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Sea salt Peeling

Sea Salt Peeling / Body Scrub

Capea Atlantic Sea Salt (fine, 0-1 mm & coarse, 1-4 mm)
100% natural, without anti-caking agent.
Suitable for body scrubs and as an application in combination with oils.
Package : 25 kg pet sacks or 10 kg buckets.

Capea Atlantic sea salt, moist. Rich in minerals.
Suitable for sea salt packs.
Package : 25kg pet sacks or 10kg buckets.

Capea Ibiza sea salt, moist & dry. Rich in minerals.
Suitable for body scrubs and as an application in combination with oils.
Package : 25kg pet sacks or 10kg buckets.

Organic sea salt without additives. Certified by Intereco.
Package : 25kg pet bags or 10kg buckets.

Oil pearls (olive oil/olive seed oil/annatto oil)

Alginate pearls are the ideal safe for high-quality oils. They protect the oil from oxidation. An ideal dosage can thus be guaranteed when applied to the skin.

Caviar for the skin (Olive oil Caviar)

The oil pearls look like caviar and are very beautiful to look at, it is a pleasant feeling when the pearls burst due to light pressure on the skin.  The remaining pearl shells are made of alginate, a 100% natural product.

3 innovative articles that inspire :

1.) Olive oil pearls

2.) Olive seed oil pearls

3.) Annatto oil pearls

Massagenolivenöl Ölperlen Massage


Annatto oil -Vitamin E for the skin - Active antioxidant Tocotrienol

Annatto oil contains annatto obtained from the Orleans shrub. Annatto contains vitamin E.  This in the form of delta- and gamma-tocotrienol. The annatto shrub is the plant with the highest content of these tocotrienols (vitamin E).

Tocotrienols are highly bioavailable to humans through the skin. The red body color that the indigenous people of Central and South America have used for centuries as a natural remedy for sunburn.

More detailed information on the healing and nutritional effects of Annatto is available in the "Feed" section. Vitamin E has long focused on tocopherol, now international research results, especially in the U.S.A., the outstanding healing properties of tocotrienols has come to the fore.



Olive seeds oil product novelty !

Olive seed oil is a precious oil, which is won from the seed of the olive. The olive kernel is opened by machine.
As with other plants, the seed or germ contains a particularly valuable oil. The DNA of the olive is created in the seed. The olive seed oil contains a natural complex of phenols and antioxidants. It is particularly well absorbed through the skin, even better than olive oil. Contains in particular a complex spectrum of antioxidants, polyphenol complexes, oleic acid, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, DEA, vanillin.

Gas chromatographic methods have shown a high content of complex polyphenols. Due to the very high content of antioxidants, olive seed oil is not suitable for consumption or only in small quantities. Olive seed oil has a pleasant, bitter, grassy odor.

Application : Body oil container : 500 ml bottles or encapsulated in pearls of alginate ( container with oil pearls, 250ml / 500ml )

neu bei alisafood annatto
olivensamenöl ölperlen massagenöl massage


Fango / Black Mud

Fango from the Dead Sea, Jordanian fango.
We offer this in the following containers :

Dead Sea Fango. Sterilized. Sifted. Natural moist container:
55.5 kg barrels

Dead Sea fango. Sterilized. Sieved. Natural moist.container:
55,5 kg barrels.

Dead Sea fango extra mild. With essential oils.
5,0 kg bucket.

Dead Sea facial mask extra mild.
100g. 75ml vacuum bag.

Dead Sea hair mask extra mild.
300g. 300ml glass.
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