We´ve been producing Private Label for over 50 years

private label

Private Label products for your product range!

We make ourselves strong for your brand!
In our facilities, we can produce a large part of our products with your brand.

Where is it produced ?
Depending on the product, it is produced in our factory in Spain or in Germany.
After arrangement with you,  in factories of our partners.

For many years, we have been supplying our partners with raw materials.
These long-standing, grown business relationships in the raw materials sector allow us to judge which of our partners has the best production for your branded product.

From a technological as well as an economic point of view.

The best production location & customized solutions

This strategy of networking has proven to be successful, especially in production for discount stores.  In this respect, we often have an intermediary function between our partners and customers, who are looking for an efficient solution for a private label product.

Tradition & Experience with Private Label

For more than 50 years we have been producing in particular canned vegetables and fruit (jars/cans), oil, salt, dried fruits, etc. in consumer containers.  Especially under the brand of our customers. This makes us one of the first customer brand producers.  The products are sold at the well-known food chain stores.  Well-known brands are known, but only a few know that we are behind them.

We see our mission in finding solutions for our customers and improving the performance of our products together.

To support you in brand building. To produce the private label products "noiselessly" and to strengthen the customer brand through innovations.

True to the motto: "Tradition is preserved progress - progress is continued tradition".


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