ESENCIA DEL MAR – Sea Water Essence – Thalasso Therapy


7000 litres* of seawater make 1 litre of Esencia del Mar


Healing with the power of the sea

Esencia del Mar is obtained from pure seawater. It is a unique liquid mineral complex that remains after sea water evaporation and subsequent filtration.
7000 litres* of sea water make 1 litre of Esencia del Mar !
Directly after the extraction the liquid is cleaned and filled.

The sea water quality is checked by a certified laboratory.
It makes a difference whether one dissolves mineral-rich sea salt in water and baths in it, or whether one dilutes the liquid "mineral essence" with water and baths in it. Ideally with activated water produced by a spring water system produced by Elisa.
The minerals are preserved in their natural complex compound and also in their natural proportional parts of the sea.
The relative density of Esencia del Mar is 25° Baumé.

Esencia del Mar. The DNA of the sea

It is a precious care and healing product for the skin. A gift of nature and in this form optimally available for the body.
It is extracted from the sea water of the Atlantic Ocean and from the Mediterranean Sea off the island of Ibiza.
Esencia del Mar contains 84 minerals and trace elements charged with ions.
These include sodium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulphur, selenium, zinc and iodine.

* 7,000 liters at least. Significantly more liters of sea water, unless 25 ° Baumé are reached.

From a medical point of view / Thalasso therapy (marine medicine)

Thalasso therapy comes from Greece. Thalassa means sea. Marine medicine is therefore synonymous with "thalassotherapy".

At the end of the 19th century, the French biologist René Quinton discovered that seawater resembled human blood plasma. The minerals and trace elements from the oceans can be particularly easily absorbed by the human organism.
However, seawater therapy is not suitable for everyone. Persons with iodine allergies or thyroid diseases, especially those with hyperactivity, should consult their family doctor. Because of the metabolism-stimulating effect of a bath with Esencia del Mar, one should rest afterwards.

A bath in Esencia del Mar is a wellness treatment and does not necessarily replace a medical treatment for some diseases.

Healing power of seawater

The Phoenicians and Romans were already known to cure in seawater brine baths on the Iberian coasts. Especially in skin diseases such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis and skin infections.
When applied externally, Esencia del Mar provides a noticeable health effect. It has a metabolic stimulating effect and purifies, detoxifies and drains the body. It also strengthens the connective tissue.  It is a 100% natural product. No care additives, preservatives, aromas or stabilizers have been added.

Esencia del Mar has an oily, homogeneous consistency. It has an extraordinary care effect on the skin.  Its healing and moisturising properties make it such a valuable product.

Application of Esencia del Mar as bath additive / Massage pack / Inhalation

As a bath additive:  50 -100 ml as sea water bath. 120 litre bathtub filling.

200-300 ml as "Esencia del Mar" spa per 120 litre bathtub filling.

Temperature : 34° C.

A water temperature of 34°C is recommended, so that the ingredients can develop their effect in the best possible way.
Esencia del Mar can also be used as a component in massage packs.
In diluted form for inhalation. (The product can only be prepared for inhalation by specialist companies.)


Product information :

Consistency / Sensors : Oily, viscous.
Colour : silvery / grey
Weight : 1,543 kg / litre.
Homogeneous consistency.

Esencia del Mar is available in 500 ml bottles. For bulk consumers in 15 litre and 100 litre tanks.

The production capacities are limited. It is recommended to order by July at the latest.