Atlantic Sea Salt without anti-caking specially for organic products




CAPEA  is a wellknown Atlantic sea salt brand in Europe.  It comes from the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

The original natural residual moisture and the high content of minerals and trace elements ensure a partial absorption of light. This leads to a slight grey cast.  A sign of the naturalness of Capea Sea Salt.

Capea Atlantic Sea Salt is characterized by a full and round, soft taste, which makes it unique. The reason is the high content of magnesium and trace elements, but also the crystal structure itself, which differs from other sea salts. Magnesium acts as a flavour enhancer.  A welcome side effect.

Our salt has developed into one of the leading salt brands in the food industry, especially among organic food producers.  Our customers are wholesalers, bakeries, salt packers, food manufacturers, fish factories and the gourmet industry.

International Food Standard (IFS), BRC Food, Halal, Kosher.



Sea Salt and Health

Sea salt does not have to be Fleur de Sel. Natural sea salt is inexpensive and should be an integral part of the spice assortment. Sea salt is sodium chloride, but the structure and composition is still different from conventional table salt. Different as in common salt, the sodium chloride content in our salt is not 100%. It is > 97%. The salt mother (residual moisture), minerals such as magnesium, iodine, selenium and numerous trace elements make the difference. As in the sea, these minerals and trace elements are present in their natural complex compounds in sea salt.


Sea Salt and anti-caking Potassium hexacyanoferrat (II)/ Bleaching agent

Since 1995, our natural sea salt without anti-caking agents has been available in Germany. Sea salt with anti-clump agents continues to be offered on the market, because it is easier for the producer to fill, and clumping can thus be excluded in the most favorable way.


Sea Salt and Texture

Atlantic sea salt has a softer texture than Mediterranean salt and, due to its high residual moisture and minerals, has a unique taste that is not only appreciated by salt sommeliers and gourmets.

Sea Salt & quality of the sea water / location of the saltworks

The quality of the sea water and the location of the saltworks have a great influence on the quality of the salt.  This can only be as good as its raw product. The raw product here is the sea deep water !

Capea sea salt from Atlantic saltworks is therefore the first choice.

This aspect is often not sufficiently considered.  Impurities such as sand, microplastic or industrial discharges, aromatics, pesticides etc. can have a negative influence on the quality of the sea water.  The saltworks for our sea salt are embedded in nature parks or ecosystems that are remote and also guarantee the preliminary clarification of the sea water.

We have long dealt with the subject of seawater and have developed our "Esencia de Mar". All minerals from the Atlantic Ocean in liquid form.




      • Atlantik Meersalz, fein, ohne Trennmittel.
      • Atlantik Meersalz, extra fein, ohne Trennmittel.
      • Atlantik Meersalz grob, ohne Trennmittel.
      • Atlantik Meersalz, Flocken.


    • 1000kg  Big Bag
    • 25 kg      PET Säcke
    • 1 kg         PET Säcke
    • 1/2 kg    PET Säcke

Meersalz & Nachhaltigkeit

Meersalz ist ein Naturprodukt, dass ohne grossen Energieaufwand gewonnen werden kann. Es erzeugt den geringsten ökologischen Fußabdruck aller Salzproduktionen.  Meersalz ensteht durch Verdunstung in Salinen. Ausschliesslich durch Sonne und Wind. Eine seit Jahrhunderten bewährte Methode.  Die Salinen selbst bilden ein Ökosystem für Vögel und zahlreiche Tierarten.




Atlantic Sea Salt without anti-caking specially for organic products